Local 415 Strike Update

OPSEU Local 415

OPSEU Local 415 is the democratically-run body that represents Algonquin College full-time and partial-load faculty (professors and instructors), cousellors, and librarians.

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Email access for the Forced Offer Vote
If you have not done so, please check that your college email password is valid. If it has expired, please contact IT at 5555 ASAP. Access to the password is crucial in order to vote November 14-16.
PIN numbers for voting available on Monday, November 13 – please check your college email account that day
Each person is to be assigned a special PIN sent to his or her college email address. Please check for the PIN.

If you do not receive an email on November 13, 2017 outlining how to vote and providing a personalidentification number (PIN), you may contact the VOTER HELP CENTRE toll free at 1-888-281-8683 (8am-8pm ET).

If you lose or misplace your PIN, contact the VOTER HELP CENTRE toll free at 1-888-281-8683 (8am-8pm ET).
Misinformation No. 1  
Unfortunately, the Sunday, November 12 edition of the Toronto Star published incorrect information on the offer that we will be voting on. To be clear, we are voting on the Council’s offer, not (as the Star reported incorrectly) the one our Team was working on before the Council walked out last week. The Star has since pulled its online version of the story due to the inaccuracy. 
Misinformation No. 2  
Again, our senior administration is publishing inaccurate information. Last week, Cheryl Jensen reported that bargaining had resumed when clearly it had not. Now, Cathy Frederick, the VP of Human Resources, has put out a document stating the post-strike reduced pay for full-time faculty will be at the rate of 1/261 of annual salary for each day of the strike as opposed to 1/216th as contained in the Council offer. To be clear, all provisions in the offer apply to all 24 colleges. There is no such thing as individual bargaining by colleges. In the unlikely event we accepted the offer, the reduction will indeed be 1/216 for each day of the strike.
What will be the true cost (based on each full-time faculty member’s current pay scale) of accepting the Council’s return-to-work protocol (as contained in their offer vote) based on the 1/216 calculation as opposed to the 1/261 calculation?
Two of our accounting faculty have done the calculations based on whether you are a full-time professor/counsellor/librarian (PCL) or an instructor. Go to
There is a tab on the Excel spreadsheet for professor/counsellor/librarian (PCL) and one for instructor. Assuming a five-week strike, the estimated 1/216  (post-strike) loss for each full-time member based on the Council offer ranges from $1230 to $2130 for PCL faculty depending on the member’s current salary step, and from $809 to $1373 for instructors.
Those losses can only be avoided by rejecting the Council offer.
How to avoid misinformation?
Always check our local web site locallines.org
OPSEU at opseu.org/college-faculty-strike-information-2017
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